Jorge Castellanos 

Founder and photographer at Castellanos Photo Design. Jorge has studied and mastered various photography, and lighting techniques.  He is also a perfectionist who meticulously captures each image ensuring nothing but the best for his clients… he also makes THE best Cuban Coffee in SoFlo!

Olga Castellanos

Makeup artist, and art director for the studio, she leads and designs each photoshoot around the client. From helping clients choose their wardrobe changes to bring mythical mermaids to life through the power of a makeup brush she does it all…she also learned the art of Cuban coffee from her dad! 

Miroslava Martinez 

The matriarch, the one that keeps the wheels spinning and the doors open. Miro is the graphic designer/photo editor in the Castellanos Studio. Aside from her prowess with a Wacom tablet, Miro also creates about 99.999% of all the props used at the studio. She also manages all appointments and meets with potential clients. Did I mention she’s also one of the photographers at our studio…we’re still not sure how she does it all.


Our team may be small, but don't be fooled! It's quite mighty.